Utryddelsestruet delfiner!

Jeg hadde engelsk lekse skrive et ark om et utryddelsetruet dyr. Jeg valgte delfiner denne gangen istedenfor ulv, siden jeg skrev om ulv sist gang. Delfiner har alltid fasinert meg og alltid vrt ekstremt ste, s det er dumt at de er utryddelsestruet. Jeg valgte puplisere dette bloggen snn at ogs dere kunne f litt greie p delfiner;)

Sorry for at det er p engelsk ^^"

Endangered Dolphin

What`s a dolphin?

A dolphin is a very intelligent marine mammal and are part of the family of toothed whales that includes orcas and pilot whales. Dolphins are carnivores and mostly eat fish and squid.They communicate with eachothers with whistle-like sounds. Every dolphin have unique whistle sounds directed to the specific individual. Almost like we give eachother names. Dolphins are very blind, but use clicking sounds to make their surroundings, also known as echolocation.

Over: A dolphin playing with a bubble ring.

They are known as very playful, so you may have seen one leaping out of the water and following a boat or play with bubbles. Dolphins can create bubble rings. Bubble rings are flexible underwater vortex rings that dolphins seem to enjoy playing with. Humpback whales, on the other hand, use bubble rings to herd a school of prey fish.


Dolphins have to compete with sharks and other toothed whales for food, but that`s the least problem. The most dangerous threat to Dolphin existence is man. Research suggests that over 95% of dolphin deaths are causes related to man. Captivity is contributing to their deaths while the capture process is the main cause. Oil and chemicals are spilled into the ocean, and loud noises from oil drilling and ship engines frightenes and can even injure the dolphins. Traumatic experience in cage, fishing nets and collision with boats also cause a lot of injuries. Despite of being endangered, there are still many dolphins that are being targeted for sport fishing.

How to save them?

There are tons of websites and organisations that help dolphins both in wild and in captivity. They make sure dolphins in captivity are safely freed into their natural habitat, and prevents people from killing them. You can help by donating or petitioning.






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